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Women's Empowerment

D&I and Gender Equality




  • Provide literacy/entrepreneurial skills
  • Financial support to women living in slums to start their own business and become self-reliant
  • Providing women primary healthcare & basic education support for their children
  • Making women aware of their human rights


  • Entrepreneurial skills will help them support their households, as ongoing pandemic has created instability and unrest in many families
  • Providing primary healthcare and leadership skills to women from vulnerable groups can allow them to support the education and development of their children

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About this project

Tecnimont Private Limited has engaged CORP, a local NGO, to undertake women’s empowerment programmes in the slums of Dharavi and other pockets of Mumbai for the betterment of vulnerable women hailing from economically challenged communities. The empowerment programme is implemented in three phases, which starts from providing skill development to these women in occupations such as seamstress and beautician. The second phase focuses on developing soft skills like banking and financial literacy which empower them to become economically independent, and the final leg is imparting the entrepreneurial skills and providing financial support to make these women economically and socially independent. Women belonging to these vulnerable groups are also provided primary healthcare and leadership skills, besides making them aware of their human rights. The health & awareness programme has benefitted more than 22,000 people.


Our partner

Community Outreach Programme (CORP), a local NGO registered since 1977, works with vulnerable women and at-risk children living in Mumbai's slums. The organisation, which started with just one center in Dharavi, currently works in 13 slum communities, with a total of 20 centers and over 70 staff members. Both CORP and Tecnimont Private Ltd have partnered for "Women’s Empowerment - Tecnimont Programme". It will undertake women’s empowerment projects, create appropriate awareness and response-training regarding COVID-19, and also drive the vaccination program in 2021-22.

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