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Facing educational poverty and digital divide

Education and Economic Development




  • Providing educational support for the children in slum communities near Tecnimont Pvt Limited Mumbai Home Offices
  • A portable cabin classroom and computer lab will be installed for children living in the Malwani slums (Malad)
  • Nutritional supplements provided to children with suboptimal nutritional balance


  • Marginalised children living in slums have been heavily affected by the stop in access to education services due to Covid-19 pandemic that expanded the effects of digital divide in the younger population exposing children to additional educational poverty.
  • Most of the children are malnourished and lack proteins in their diet. Therefore, it is necessary to give them nutritional supplements to improve their health status and learning skills

Partner: IIT Bombay LOGO

About this project

Tecnimont Private Limited has partnered with India's premier engineering institution, IIT Bombay, to work towards the development of marginalized children in the Malwani slum, Malad. To address the various adversities faced by children from India’s most marginalized communities, IIT Bombay will provide a portable cabin classroom and computer lab for these children. Individuals with suboptimal nutritional balance will be provided necessary dietary supplements. IIT Bombay works with Abhilasha Foundation for underserved children's nutritional status in the suburban areas; and rigorously analyses the physical and intellectual health status and the impact of nutritional products on these children.


Our partner

Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, India's premier engineering institute, was established in 1958, with more than 57,500 students graduating from the institute in the last 61 years. It is the most popular institute for Undergraduate & Post Graduate studies. In fact, 47 of the top 50 and 63 of top 100 rankers in JEE 2019 joined IIT Bombay. On QS India ranking, the institute was ranked as number 1 in 2020.

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