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Tecnimont Private Limited maintains a large resource pool of highly qualified and experienced specialists: more than 2000 across multiple disciplines such as EngineeringProcurementProject and Construction Management. An effective work culture has been developed within Tecnimont Private Limited that adheres to the Best Practices

Known as Team TCMPL, our People are an ideal mix of thinkers and doers, and have processes and systems that nurture and encourage leaders of tomorrow. 

We provide an ample opportunity for the team to express their individuality while being an active and effective part of the big picture. 

TCMPL’s  every action is characterized by Commitment, Determination and a Persistent Attitude. In our team, everybody believes in the philosophy that the team has many bodies and minds but one soul: Tecnimont Private Limited.

To learn more about the Maire Tecnimont way of working, our values and our excellences, visit our Corporate Website

Last update: 19/04/2024 14:28