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Tecnimont Planung und Industrieanlagenbau GmbH - TPI

Tecnimont Planung und Industrieanlagenbau GmbH (TPI), also referred to as "Tecnimont Salzgitter", is a German engineering company specialized in the design of 'high pressure' LDPE plants.
The company TPI is fully owned by and integrated with Tecnimont S.p.A., an international player in the engineering, procurement & construction sectors and the primary operating company of the Maire Tecnimont Group.
90% of our engineers own a university grade or a technical college qualification. Most of them have gained many years of experience in the field of high pressure technology, especially with LDPE plants.
Thanks to the wide experience and excellent professional qualification of TPI's engineers, Tecnimont S.p.A. is successful and highly reputed world-wide for possessing a rare group of designers and engineers for high pressure plants.

TPI's fields of competence 

Feasability Studies
There are several stages involved in any major plant project, right from the conception of the initial idea till the operation phase of the plant. A reliable feasibility study is one of the most important tools during the early stages of the project, which helps minimize risks and enables appropriate decision making.

Process Design Packages
The process design package is the plant's technological framework. TPI supports the licensor of the technology in creating a structured documentation that can be seamlessly used for a basic plant design.

Basic Design
The basic design helps convert a technological concept into a schematic plant design. An understanding of the required operational aspects of a plant and profound technological experience are key factors in minimizing design cycles and to stay on schedule with time and costs.

Detail Design
A detailed design provides exhaustive documentation required during the procurement and construction stages. This phase is aptly supported by top quality management and controlling systems.

Site Assistance
Our vast experience in erecting plants and commissioning them to production are the fortitude of our competence. 

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