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Case studies

  • The DCCDTM Project has been jointly developed by Politecnico di Milano and the Maire Tecnimont Group as research for the sweetening of natural gas, and its applicability on an industrial scale.
    Starting from the pilot plant and the concept, we have assessed the technical feasibility of a demonstration plant and a future industrial plant of commercial size.
  • The Gas to Propylene technology is a disruptive technology able to convert Natural Gas (the most abundant and cheap hydrocarbon raw material) directly into Propylene.
    Tecnimont is proceeding in the Technology and Engineering Development of the ‘Gas to Propylene’ process in collaboration with Siluria Technologies. The pilot plant is available in San Francisco (CA) and the demo plant is available in LaPorte (TX). A preliminary Conceptual package has been provided by Licensor R&D located in San Francisco (CA). Tecnimont is working to realize the first Industrial application.
  •  Circular economy: special consideration is given to new technologies for the recycling of plastic and regeneration of monomers, to close the plastic lifecycle and enhance the circular economy. 
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