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What we do

We focus on the development of services and products that enrich the company's know how, as well as improving the internal methodologies and procedures, through the following:

  • Establishment of agreements with Universities and third parties for the joint development of R&D activities, aimed at achieving industrial applications in the frame of Tecnimont's core business technologies. We cooperate with the most important technical and scientific Italian and International Universities, such as Milan Polytechnic or Ecole des Mines in Paris.
  • Sponsorship of MD and Ph.D. thesis developed on the basis of the Projects jointly executed with Universities (and related papers and publication activities);
  • Lectures and courses in the Universities;
  • Publication of scientific papers and proceedings and active participation to international conferences worldwide;
  • Scouting within the Company, and in particular in the technical departments, in order to collect and evaluate innovative ideas coming from all the colleagues;
  • Development and Execution of Research Projects aiming at validating new proprietary innovative Technologies and at demonstrating their technical feasibility on industrial scale and to strengthen Tecnimont position as a technology provider.
  • Execution of R&D activities for Clients and third parties;
  • Development of internal Process Innovation and Engineering Excellence programs.
Last update: 08/10/2023 02:50