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R&D experience: The DCCDTM innovative Technology

As part of the selection of innovative sustainable projects, the Group promoted the DCCDTM (Dual Column Cryogenic Distillation) technology, a process for the separation of the acid components contained in natural gas streams.
Many natural gas fields contain a significant amount of CO2: to make the gas suitable for commercialization and usage, this compound has to be removed. The DCCDTM technology, jointly developed by Tecnimont and the Milan Polytechnic, permits the development of the natural gas fields containing a significant amount of CO2, in a more economical and sustainable way. The intrinsic characteristics of the DCCDTM technology would considerably reduce natural gas production costs and CO2 re-injection costs, thus developing these challenging fields while limiting greenhouse gas emissions.  
The main R&D activities focused on the design and construction of a laboratory scale pilot plant. The execution experimental campaigns aimed at validating the technology, the development of a technology information package for an industrial plant, and on the search for an Industrial Partner with whom to collaborate for the scale-up to an industrial size pilot plant, thus allowing the start-up of licensing activities.

Last update: 08/10/2023 16:02