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Process innovation and engineering experience

Tecnimont, as part of Maire Tecnimont Group, constantly focuses on stimulating the generation of innovative ideas. In particular Tecnimont holds an internal Process Innovation program driven by competition within the market to establish better engineering practices and technology as an added value.
Cost reduction and improved engineering methodologies are being targeted.
This has generated a large number of ideas, many of which have been developed and are being applied to EPC projects (Design To Cost). Several lesson learnt have also emerged and a new Company Standard and Work Instructions has been issued. In particular, a project for the customization and use of BIM, an innovative building design system, has been launched to extend its application to industrial design and in particular the design of industrial plant. 
The application of innovative methodologies for plant design is a win-win for the Contractor and the Customer, as their application shortens the project schedule and tends to minimize errors and consequent reworks - to the advantage of all parties involved.

Last update: 07/10/2023 16:19