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Research & Technology Development

We innovate to establish better engineering practices and implement technology as an added value

Combining diverse talents in human capital and R&D has been part of Tecnimont DNA for more than 50 years. Our foresight allows us to properly interpret new demands and implement accordingly; resulting in the development of a systematic approach in which any new idea is evaluated in terms of feasibility, sustainability and return on investment. 

Our Approach

In an increasingly competitive industry, Technology, R&D and sustainable development are crucial for the creation of value for our organization, clients, and communities.

Research, innovation & development

The Tecnimont R&D department fulfills the company's need to valorize its internal development potential by focusing on innovation, either by studying and developing new technologies or by innovating engineering tools and methodologies. Besides the technological aspects, our R&D projects are managed with the most advanced project management techniques within a new innovation strategy featuring a more efficient allocation of resources (human, financial, technological).

Technology Solution Design

Technology Solution Design expands the Group's technology portfolios towards innovative fields, through a collaborative process in which a core team and Tecnimont's expertise apply their knowledge for the conversion of new concepts and ideas into successful industrial applications, considering all possible opportunities and limitations of the industrial design and the market. The Field of activities includes Petrochemical, Oil & Gas, as well as Bio and Green Technologies. With a strong track record, these technical expertise developments have proven to result in major breakthroughs for the industry.

Last update: 19/04/2024 15:01