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Scope of work: EPCM

Country: Russia


Status: Completed

Project highlights

133,000 BOPD

BPSD in terms of Crude Distillation Unit

No. 468 out of which 38 LLI

Total itemized mechanical equipment

Maximization of Russian Content

The project involves the construction of a new-generation refining unit in the Moscow refinery. The contract is of the EP + Cm type: on a Lump Sum basis for Engineering and Procurement activities, on a reimbursable basis for Construction Management. 

Specifically, the works include the implementation of a new hydro-skimming section with a set of process refining units. The main purpose of the project is the production of gasoline and diesel distillates in compliance with the EURO 5 specifications. 
Plant Capacity is set at 133,000 BPSD in terms of Crude Distillation Unit, with Vacuum Distillation, Catalytic Reformer and Hydrotreaters completing the scheme of the main units. New auxiliary units and new utilities units are also included in the scope of Work. A significant portion of materials and subcontracts is provided by local partners within the Russian Federation. Tecnimont scope of work also includes interfaces with existing Operating Refinery and management of General Construction Contractor.

Other key quantities of the Project:

  • Steel structures: about 22,500 tons
  • Piping: about 9,000 Tons
  • E&I cables: about 2,000 Km
  • Concrete: about 35,000 m3

The project marks an important milestone in the Oil & Gas sector, as it represents a major contract in the downstream refining business, as well as confirming the consolidated experience of Tecnimont in the Russian Federation.