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Scope of work: EPC

Country: Italy


Status: completed

Project highlights

780 MW

Combined Cycle Power Plant

Compliant with strict EIA requirements
Optimization of emissions level in air and effluents discharge

The ALTOMONTE Combined Cycle Power Plant is located in the South of Italy, in the Apennines area of the Sila in the region Calabria.
Edison, part of the EDF Group and one of the biggest players in the Italian power generation market signed with Tecnimont a turnkey Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC) contract for the construction of 780 MW Combined Cycle Power Plant in the year 2003.  

The project is based on no. 2 gas turbines burning natural gas, each of them associated with a three-pressure level RH horizontal, natural circulation HRSGs feeding one full condensing steam turbine generator, associated with an air-cooled steam condenser.  

The power plant has been conceived in compliance with the best practices in sustainability and environmental responsibility.  

The design of the plant had to comply with requirements of the EIA issued by the competent authority, also for what concerns noise emissions and visual impact.   

In particular, an optimization of emissions levels as well as of the amount of effluents discharge was pursued due to the environmental conditions of the surroundings. The plant is equipped with a continuous emission monitoring system and it is periodically audited to verify the compliance with the local regulations. Due to the restrictions imposed by the land, the space and layout of the plan was adequately analyzed and optimized.