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Country: Italy

Status: completed

Project highlights

20 MWe

biomass power plant is among the largest Italian operating biomass plant

100,000  tons

CO2 emission prevented per year


residential units provided with electricity

Tecnimont carried out the activities in Olevano for the construction of a biomass power plant with a rated electrical capacity of about 20 Mwe. This biomass is a substantial contribution to the sustainability objectives set by the European Union. The initiative was born in 2005 to take advantage of the opportunities arising from the development of fast-growing biomass energy [SRF] chain promoted by the Lombardy Region’s specific plan.

The Olevano plant has been fully conceived, designed and put into operation by Tecnimont SpA. The Biomass Plant of Olevano Lomellina, covering a surface area of over 6 hectares, 2/3 of which are destined to biomass energy storage, is fueled by virgin timber, through a carbon neutral process, i.e. through the use of local origin timber only (“short pipeline”). The new plant allows to satisfy the annual electricity needs of over 50,000 residential units with “zero impact”, preventing CO2 emission of about 100,000 tons per year compared to a coal power plant of the same capacity.

The plant had a Positive economic Impact on nearby municipalities, farmers and landowners.
The power plant fulfilled all contractual technical requirements including high availability and strict environmental emission controls

After having completed the development of the investment initiative, in June 2015 Maire Tecnimont Group sold Biolevano srl, the company which owns the biomass power plant (Press Release of 30.06.2015: Maire Tecnimont Group is not involved in the operational management of the biomass power plant.