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Scope of work: EPC

Country: Algeria

Client: Sonatrach

Status: Ongoing



MN construction man-hours


MN € equivalent lump sum portion

ZCina was impacted by Covid-19 during the manufacturing phase but the project team actively reacted. We had to organize smart working with our key supplier, and to assist them in engineering follow-up as well as inspection phase. For example, we performed several Factory Acceptance Tests for automation processes via Teams, and we did drawings online with our steel structure supplier

More than 70% of our site management team is local, and is now perfectly integrated with us. Considering that ZCina is Tecnimont’s first project in Algeria, this is an important achievement.

We have implemented several smart solutions like 3D feasibility analysis for the structure. We will continue with something similar for piping and electrical & instrumentation cables. This approach is helping the site team to better manage the construction sequence and define the work front.

We put new HSE procedures in place on the site with excellent results. We increased our use of all “smart” solutions to create solutions like virtual field engineering team assistance, and virtual inspection approach. Now we will try to convince our vendor and client that we can do several jobs virtually by using tools like smart helmets and others.