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Scope of work: EPC

Country: Italy


Status: ongoing

Project highlights

50,000 BOPD


Completely integrated Oil and Gas Treatement
State of the art site preparation in complex location with terracing required

Tecnimont and KT – Kinetics Technologies, subsidiaries of Maire Tecnimont Group, were awarded a contract for the implementation of the Engineering, Procurement, Supply, Construction and Commissioning of the Oil and Gas Treatment of Tempa Rossa by Total E&P Italia SpA, ltalian subsidiary of Total Group.
After a detailed study of the project's basic design and an analysis of its environmental impact, Total E&P Italia SpA selected Tecnimont and KT – Kinetics Technology as "General Contractor". 

The project foresees the main part of the development plan of the Tempa Rossa Oil Field in Basilicata, a region located in south Italy, and  comprises the construction of a wellhead collection system upstream of the oil processing centre where 50,000 barrels per day (BOPD) of crude oil is processed and stabilized, in addition to the associated water and gas treatment, the LPG storage center. The scope of work includes the flowlines and pipelines, mainly relative to the basic design and the surface works, as well as the distribution connections to the existing Snam Rete Gas network and the direct pipelineto the Taranto Refinery. 

The main Tempa Rossa construction sites are Corleto Perticara, Guardia Perticara and Gorgoglione in the Basilicata region. The project demands the extremely meticulous management of the organizational, control and technological aspects typical of highly complex construction projects. 
The project location, in the Gorgoglione mining area, is located in the heart of a region of rich natural landscapes, that holds an archaeological heritage of singular value. Therefore, the project implementation takes into account some critical points: sensitive environmental and social local context, complete integration of oil and gas treatment cycle with methane and LPG outputs, a complex location landform requiring terracing of the area in compliance with the severest national and European health and environmental safety requirements for the construction of an oil field facility.

Since the beginning of the Tempa Rossa project, Maire Tecnimont group has launched several initiatives to transfer value to local communities: 

  • Professional training courses for Quantity Surveyors, in collaboration with the Assoil School 
  • Collaboration project with the comprehensive technical institute "16 August 1860" of Corleto Perticara 
  • Professional development for local workers 

Recent international energy surveys have cited Tempa Rossa as one of the 280 projects that will change the global energy scenario.