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Scope of work: EPC

Country: United Arab Emirates


Status: ongoing

Project highlights

Sensitive environmental on protected costal area
Increase production of crude oil strategic for the country
Very complete scope of work

Phase III of Al Dabb'iya project is part of the North East Bab (NEB) development program of ADCO, a shallow coastal and marine area, located 40 km South West of Abu Dhabi, a sensitive environmental with mangroves, coral reef, salt marshes and low-level islands hosting unique and protected wildlife species.

The client is Abu Dhabi Company for Onshore Oil Operations (ADCO), operating company of the national ADNOC Group, one of the largest oil companies in the world. 

This is a challenging project in terms of execution, but it holds strategic importance for the Maire Tecnimont Group in the Oil & Gas business. Al Dabbi’iya Phase III will contribute to fulfill the need of additional oil demand with 73,000 Barrels Oil Per Day (BOPD). Plant capacity also includes Gathering & Injection System, Oil export and Gas import and export pipelines.

The current Project’s scope of work consists in the EPC activities up to Performance Tests for the expansion of the existing facility. It will encompass the following main parts:

  • Gathering crude oil from onshore and offshore wells (114) aggregated in 24 new and existing so  called “clusters”.
  • Collecting such crude oil through gathering network of pipelines bringing well products from the clusters to the new Central Process Plant (CPP), where the crude oil is separated and stabilized from associated product (gas and water). About 370 km of gathering/reinjection pipe network. 
  • Sending through export pipelines both the stabilized crude product and the associated sales gas in the Country energy network.
  • All other associated facilities such as gas lift and water injection system/network to support oil wells pressure, all necessary utilities to serve the new facility including new electrical overhead line.

This contract marked a crucial milestone for Tecnimont due to its magnitude and technical content and can be considered the largest EPC contract acquired as a single contractor in the Group's history.