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Tecnimont follows the Maire Tecnimont Group's approach to innovation, highly regarding its organization, processes  and systems. With a holistic approach to digital transformation, we aim to increase effectiveness, safety and productivity for all operations.

Taking into account Tecnimont's essential role embodying the contractor spirit of the Group, some of the most important engineering design processes on which the company has been focused are Engineering, Procurement, Construction and their digitalization.

Tecnimont has seen impressive advances in the most current Modeling systems, resulting in the application of the full range of disciplines of BIM (Building Information Modeling) design, including 4D modeling. This truly construction-driven approach allows for the integration of the model with the project schedule, and, when used with AWP (Advanced Work Packaging) implementation, makes it possible to clearly define the priorities of the project. 

This digitalization process also addresses our second area of focus, being the reduction of time and cost for the Company and its clients. Our expertise is essential to the entire value chain for effectively integrating and applying the innovation made available by single players. The application of digital wireless communication, for example, has a positive impact at construction sites by reducing the quantity of construction-related activities such as cable laying and footprint building thus improving operations efficiency.

We focus on using “big data” to support EPC Project Management through analytics and data-driven decision making. This includes not only the implementation of new smart applications and dashboards but also that of Robotic Process Automation for back-end activities.

Always displaying a high-level of expertise in technological and process innovation, we are developing a “digital twin” of the plant, testing new solutions in cooperation with other major players in the industry. We are also testing 3D printing applications in several phases of the printing process. It is possible to benefit from additive manufacturing, as when creating catalysts and their supports, not only for the advanced geometric solutions provided, but for the fast-track execution and enhanced confidentiality of production it affords as well. 

As a leader in the industry, Tecnimont actively works in the research, development and application of customized processes with references all around the world. Keeping the Group's core values as the essential base of every project, upon which our technology-driven vision is built, we continue to bring the best solutions to clients and stakeholders worldwide.

Last update: 19/04/2024 22:07