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Giacomo Fauser works on the production of ammonia by direct reaction of hydrogen and nitrogen and develops a design of the vessel.

1930 - 1950

Montecatini Research and Development Center G. Donegani develops original processes for fertilizer production.


1960 - 1990

Montedison (and later Tecnimont) focuses on the development of single stream, large capacity ammonia and urea plants, and low energy, high capacity urea technology.


Tecnimont and Stamicarbon leverage synergies in urea technology within Maire Tecnimont Group.



Proving Tecnimont as successor of Montecatini, the company receives the Ammonia Industry Pioneers Award presented by the Nytrogen+Syngas magazine on the 100th anniversary of the Haber-Bosch process, recognizing their contribution to the development of the synthetic ammonia industry in its formative years. 

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