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Scope of work: EPC

Country: Egypt


Status: ongoing

Project highlights

State of the art Ammonia/Urea integration
Cutting edge technologies from KBR and Stamicarbon
Adaptiveness to challenging environment

The Contract, on a Lump Sum Turn-Key basis, involves the realization of a new Fertilizers Complex within the existing industrial area in the Aswan Governorship (Upper Egypt).
This award highlights the efficacy of the synergies in the fertilizers sector between the Group’s sister companies: Tecnimont, the leading EPC company of the Group and Stamicarbon BV, the Group’s Licensing and Intellectual Property center and the world market leader in urea licensing.
The new Fertilizers Complex includes:

  • One Ammonia production unit of 1,200 ton/day capacity, implementing the KBR “Purifier” technology 
  • One Urea melt production unit of 1,575 ton/day capacity, implementing the “Pool Reactor” technology of Stamicarbon 
  • One Urea granulation unit of 1,575 ton/day capacity, implementing the urea granulation technology of Stamicarbon 
  • All the necessary Utilities & Off-site facilities to support the process units

The complex will supply fertilizers to the Upper Egypt area through a more efficient system from the energy consumption point of view, with less environmental impact. It will be an opportunity for economic growth and employment in one of the most under-developed areas of the Country.

With its adaptive spirit, at Construction Site Tecnimont operated in the summer season on night shift to allow activities that could not be carried out during daytime when external temperature’s at almost 50°C.