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Scope of work: E

Country: Russia

Client: EuroChem Mineral

Status: Project on hold as from 2022



tons of steel structure


cubic meters of concrete


tons of piping

Kingisepp 2 Project is the largest single-train ammonia plant worldwide. We were able to successfully identify several design solutions allowing a significant containment of the overall costs.

We employ local resources during the construction phase, and our onsite staff contributes to local commerce. Our staff takes advantage of work-life balance benefits from our previous project in Kingisepp, when we contributed to the construction of a new church, helped refurbish a school gym and competed in various sports tournaments with local teams.

The digital transformation is now delivering incredible results after the introduction of new tools for engineering, procurement and construction management. But the most important innovation is the change of mentality we are seeing in each single employee.

The company already had systems in place that enabled us to work from home on day-by-day activities. We held all client, vendor and subcontractor meetings by videoconference (Teams). We were able to complete some key events, such as 60% 3D model review and HAZOP, working remotely.