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With a collaborative and flexible business model we are a benchmark player in the sector

Tecnimont can design and build world scale ammonia and urea plants based on cutting edge technologies.

We can supply from medium to large scale Nitric Acid plants based on first class

Methanol plants based on Steam Reforming of Natural Gas are remarkably similar to Ammonia plants

Kingisepp 2 Project is the largest single-train ammonia plant worldwide. We were able to successfully identify several design solutions allowing a significant containment of the overall costs.

The Contract, on a Lump Sum Turn-Key basis, involves the realization of a new Fertilizers Complex within the existing industrial area in the Aswan Governorship (Upper Egypt).

This worldwide scale plant, a greenfield fertilizer complex in Iowa, is the first to be built in the United States for over 25 years. It stands on the border between Iowa and Illinois and will have an impact on the agro-industrial chain of the so-called "corn belt" of the United States.