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Energetics & New Power

With nearly 60 years of experience, Tecnimont has multiple references in the EPC of advanced electricity power projects in 44 countries

Thanks to our wide reference list and expertise: more than 15 GW of plants put in operation, we are a leading company and a main Contractor

We are also responsive to the market's needs in the EPC on these alternative energy sources. Our solid experience comes from our references in Italy

Tecnimont is also capable to provide to its clients customized and flexible solutions in this sector of Renewable Energy

Tecnimont’s expertise is also applied to the design of the power plants based on the production of energy from Solar Thermodynamic

The Thermal Power Plant of Santa Cruz is located in Bairro Santa Cruz, in the city of Rio de Janeiro, state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Tecnimont carried out the activities in Olevano for the construction of a biomass power plant with a rated electrical capacity of about 20 Mwe. This biomass is a substantial contribution to the sustainability objectives set by the European Union. .

The Thermal Power Plant of IBIRITERMO is located in Ibirité - state of Minas Gerais, Brazil. IBIRITERMO S.A. is a partnership between Edison S.p.A., one of the major companies in Italy in the field of electricity and natural gas, and PETROBRAS – Petróleo Brasileiro S.A., a Brazilian integrated energy company in the field of oil and natural gas.

The MONCALIERI Combined / Cogeneration Cycle Power Plant is located in the North of Italy, in the surroundings of the city of Torino.

The ALTOMONTE Combined Cycle Power Plant is located in the South of Italy, in the Apennines area of the Sila in the region Calabria.

The VLORE Combined Cycle Power Plant is located in the middle of Albania sea side coast, few kilometers from the town of Vlore.