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Scope of work: EPC

Country: Italy


Status: completed

Project highlights

840 MW

Repowering Combined Cycle Power plant

Optimization of plant layout to consider the existing facilities (Brownfield plant)
Power plant designed to provide primary and secondary frequency control

The PIACENZA Repowering Combined Cycle Power Plant is located in the North of Italy, 60 km North West from the city of Milano. 
EDIPOWER, one of the biggest players in the Italian power generation market, signed a turnkey Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC) contract with a JV between Siemens and Consorzio P800 (a consortium between Tecnimont and Techint) for the construction of 840 MW repowering to be installed in the existing power plant in 2003. 
The project is based on no. 2 gas turbines burning natural gas, each of them associated with a three pressure level RH horizontal, natural circulation HRSGs with duct burning system, feeding one full condensing modified and overhauled steam turbine generator. 
Due to the restrictions imposed by the existing installation and, in particular, to the location of the steam turbine and of the switchyard area, the space and layout of the plant have been adequately optimized thus conferring a specific characteristic. 
The Power Plant was designed taking into consideration both a constant operation at base load with or without post firing, and the possibility to shut-down and restart quite frequently (i.e. daily and weekly).
The power plant is meant to provide both primary and secondary frequency control and primary and secondary reactive power control.

The power plant has been conceived in compliance with the best practices in sustainability and environmental responsibility. The activities were executed in compliance with the rules of ISO 14001 and EMAS.