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The Maire Tecnimont Group's pioneering vision and technology orientation is one of the key drivers of its strategy. Tecnimont, being the main contractor of the Group, has a history going back to Giulio Natta, the Italian Nobel Prize winner in chemistry and inventor of polypropylene. This legacy has given us access to all first-class polyolefins technologies from different Licensors as well as many other petrochemical processes.
Tecnimont has access to all first-class technologies, especially for polyolefins, and has the capability and expertise to manage and execute several projects simultaneously using different technologies while ensuring confidentiality and preserving Licensors’ know-how.

Tecnimont is Technology Neutral

This is well recognized by several major technology Licensors ranking Tecnimont as preferred contractor and for which Tecnimont often develops process design packages and other high-value engineering activities.
Tecnimont takes into big account the issues relevant to Confidentiality, Intellectual Property and Know-how. This awareness is based to our historical roots, that date back to the first engineering knowledge inherited by Montecatini, Edison and Fiat in the early twentieth century; and that have contributed to a cultural technology attitude with extreme respect to the Confidentiality of Information through the years.

Last update: 19/04/2024 14:28