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Scope of work: FEED, E+Ps, EPC, CE

Country: United Arab Emirates


Status: ongoing

Project highlights

4,758 kt/y

Total installed capacity since 1999

Tecnimont has supported the development of the Abu Dhabi petrochemical value chain since the late 1990s through consecutive expansion phases:

  • BOROUGE 1 EPC: PE1 250,000 t/y and PE2 250,000 t/y (2001)
  • BOROUGE 1 Revamping FEED+EPC: PE1 to 320,000 t/y (2005)
  • BOROUGE 1 Revamping EPC: PE2 to 280,000 t/y (2009)
  • BOROUGE 2 Expansion Project EPC: PE3 540,000 t/y, PP1 400,000 t/y and PP2 400,000 t/y (2010)
  • BOROUGE 3 PDP: LDPE 350,000 t/y (2009)
  • BOROUGE 3 FEED: PE4 540,000 t/y, PE5 540,000 t/y, PP3 480,000 t/y, PP4 428,000 t/y, LDPE 350,000 t/y, 1-Butene 28,000 t/y + U&O (2010)
  • BOROUGE 1 and BOROUGE 2 Revamping EPC: Change in Supply Chain (2013)
  • BOROUGE 3 EPC: PE4 540,000 t/y, PE5 540,000 t/y, PP3 480,000 t/y, PP4 428,000 t/y, LDPE 350,000 t/y (2015)
  • BOROUGE 3 FEED + CE: PP5 480,000 t/y (2015)
  • BOROUGE 3 EPs: PP5 Tie-In Works (2018)
  • BOROUGE 3 EPC: PP5 480,000 t/y (additional unit integrated in Borouge 3)

Borouge is a joint venture between the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC), one of the world's largest oil and gas companies, and Borealis, an Austrian leading international producer of chemical and plastic solutions.
Borouge in Arabic means “tower” such as those 70 m high supporting the loop reactors, the beating heart of the plant, which transform crude oil derivates into impressive quantities of plastic, used today in many advanced industrial applications.

The plants have been designed and built based on the “Borstar” proprietary technology of Borealis.

The project has been developed in multiple operating centers located in different areas of the globe: Milan, Malta, Seoul, Mumbai, Salzgitter, Abu Dhabi and Ruwais.

The construction site sandy environment (the first time in the world for an LDPE plant) required specific attention to cleanliness of materials, demanding a total absence of impurities. With the provided high-pressure technology, the process liquids reach pressure levels of 3,000 atmospheres, demanding the highest standards of quality and safety.

Borouge PE1Exp IPMA Award 2010