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Scope of work: EPCm

Country: Russia

Client: Sibur

Status: Project on hold as from 2022



tons of steel structures


cubic meters of concrete


km of electrical and instrumentation cables

This project will be one of the largest polymer production units in the world. The project will require every bit of our expertise and capabilities from our decennial experience in polyolefins. We need to coordinate the development of the complex technology of four different licensors, supply highly specialized equipment and a large quantity of materials, and deliver them on time in this harsh and remote area of the Russian Federation.

The AGCC project is part of the Russian Federation’s strategic plan for natural gas treatment and downstream end of polymer production. New infrastructures and site services, and new job opportunities for the local community, and continued employment for the Russian personnel already at the site will contribute to the economic development of the Amur-Oblast Region.

A strong focus on automation and remote monitoring of the units, to reduce the need of local operation where feasible. A high extent of digitalization. Lastly, health monitoring software solutions will be widely used, in order to extend the plant up time and reduce the equipment failure rate.