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Tecnimont's response to Covid 19

In this difficult period due to the coronavirus pandemic, which is having a great impact on all our countries, our focus is on protecting the safety and health of our people and customers and limiting the spread of COVID-19.

We are taking all the relevant measures to adhere to the safety regulations and requirements laid out by our governments in order to keep our staff and their families safe, remaining very committed to continue to provide our valuable clients with our best services.

Currently, approximately 5,000 people worldwide from the engineering centers in Milan and Rome (Italy), Mumbai (India), Moscow (Russia), Sittard (The Netherlands), Braunschweig (Germany), and Houston (USA) are continuing to perform their work from home in a seamless way, coordinating within the connected multi-local project teams. All this has been possible thanks to a long sighted operational strategy to achieve the remotization and virtualization of our core processes (through the "digital advantage smart platform" ) with large investments on cloud computing and state-of-the art hardware and software suites.

"In Maire Tecnimont we share the idea of resilience as a distinctive and successful feature. Turning adversity into an advantage is one of the most appropriate and less rhetorical resilience definitions. These difficult days are an occasion for people and companies to react to the adversities with a pragmatic attitude. Our priority is to clearly identify health countermeasures and to define concrete and efficient actions, following authoritative guidelines, proactively mitigating the potential effects on our business, without compromising on people's health and safety. The implementation of a productive and efficient Digital Advantage Smart Platform is our success key factor, thanks to courageous investment already taken in IT infrastructure, company culture and work organization. We are taking on this challenge together, with our usual passion!"

Pierroberto Folgiero

Pierroberto Folgiero
Chief Executive Officer

Digital Advantage Smart Platform: Ensuring Business Continuity

We are ensuring business continuity thanks to our “Digital Advantage Smart Platform” developed since 2015 allowing advanced and enhanced collaboration among our professionals and partners, regardless their physical working location. The “Digital Advantage Smart Platform” enables Maire Tecnimont to manage the current situation with a truly adaptive approach.

All our people are leveraging on Group processes, tools and organizational model to find proactive solutions to solve issues generated by the exceptional circumstances we are living. We would like to share with you some of the many success stories of resilience driven by the positive energy of our people ready to go beyond the hurdles of the current unfortunate situation.

Last update: 19/04/2024 14:27