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Tecnimont Private Limited in Mumbai organizes Covid-19 Vaccination Drive for staff

Tecnimont Private Limited’s Mumbai office was transformed into a vaccine center for a day, when on Saturday June 12 a team of certified doctors and medical staff from Surana Hospital administered Covid-19 vaccinations to almost 800 employees. 

India is currently being swept by a second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, causing an unprecedented increase in the number of infections across the country. Tecnimont Private Limited therefore decided to proactively strengthen all measures to safeguard the health and safety of every employee by organizing a Vaccination Drive. 

To get started, it asked all colleagues to sign up ahead of time so that the event could happen as smoothly as possible. Safely and efficiently vaccinating nearly 800 people requires organization. Tecnimont Private Limited adhered to all safety and medical guidelines prescribed by the local Administration Authority, BMC, and also implemented every HSE-related precaution required during the event to keep people safe.  

The vaccination campaign was coordinated with Surana Hospital to administer the inoculation with Covidshield vaccine, and supervised by a team of certified doctors and medical staff. Ambulance service with all necessary medical facilities was arranged on site, and a dedicated bed was reserved on the inoculation day at Surana Hospital (Malad), in case of any adverse reaction to the vaccine.

Thanks to the careful planning and implementation efforts, the day went smoothly. No medical or safety emergencies were recorded during the Vaccination Drive.

Almost 800 (772) employees received a shot, expressing their enthusiasm and hope that it will be a step forward in the fight against Covid-19.