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Tecnimont hands over the Ammonia & Urea Plant to Egyptian Chemical Industries Company KIMA

Aswan, (Egypt) – 15th May 2020 - It fills us with pride to announce, that despite the global pandemic of Covid-19, the Tecnimont team has successfully managed to complete the Ammonia & Urea Plant performance test on the 22nd of March 2020, exceeding all expectations. Its completion came after a one-month long Semi Commercial Operation finalized on the 13th of March.

Thanks to the great work completed by the team, on the 26th of April 2020 the PAC of the Project was signed by the customer, and the plant was officially handed over to KIMA.

Notwithstanding the forbidding conditions due to Covid-19, the Tecnimont team has shown an extremely high level of resilience. Extraordinary health and safety precautions were utilized to guarantee the safety of our personnel. As a matter of fact, the team quickly adopted the new health and safety guidelines to overcome such a complicated situation, such as the use of innovative PPEs in the Central Control room to keep a sterile environment for the safety of personnel.

The resilience of the team overrode both the technical challenges and personal stress due to the distance from their family and loved ones, thousands of miles away. 

Even while signing the PAC, health and safety precautions were adopted. 

We thank the dedication, courage, and sacrifice shown by the team at KIMA in such an unprecedented time.