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Successful delivery of the biggest column ever made by Tecnimont

Milan, 10th June - A remarkable record was broken, with the delivery, at New PDH Kallo Project’s site, of the biggest column that Tecnimont has ever built!
The column, with an overall dimension of 108,96 x 12,35 meters, and a gross weight of 1470 tons, will be installed in the new world-scale propylene plant commissioned by Borealis. Once installed, the “C3 Splitter” will allow the separation of pure Propylene from Propane, which will be the feedstock material of the plant, that will be recycled back at the beginning of the process. The separation, of the two products, is done by distillation through 185 special trays installed inside the column.
The column has been manufactured in Spain and shipped, with a special barge, from Gijon in Spain to Belgium. The trip, along the Atlantic Ocean, took 13 days: on May 22nd the column left the manufacturer’s port and it stopped for few days at Gijon Port for sea fastening activities, then on  May 28th the column headed to its final destination and reached Belgium on June 4th.
The new propane dehydrogenation (PDH) plant is built on an existing Borealis site and will have a targeted production capacity of 750,000 metric tons per year of propylene, making it one of the largest and most efficient plants of its kind in the world. 
The PDH Kallo project represents a vital step in the production of propylene from propane. Propylene is the raw material used to produce polypropylene (PP) one of the most widely used plastics. It forms the base of countless industrial applications used in numerous sectors, from automotive to textiles, food packaging, healthcare, energy, and many others.
Maria Selli, Project Director, commented: “It’s really an outstanding achievement for our Project and our Company that demonstrates once more the competence and commitment of the team especially in a difficult and particular moment like the one that we are facing”.