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RAPID P7 Project: First Catalyst-In and Start of Polymer Production on Spheripol Unit

18 March - Our team at Rapid P7 Project site in Pengerang, Johor (Malaysia) achieved the successful start of polypropylene production of the Spheripol unit.

RAPID P7 Unit consists of 2 Polypropylene (PP) production units, based on two different Lyondell-Basell technologies named Spheripol and Spherizone, and a Common utilities unit, shared by the two polymerization units. The Project has been awarded by PETRONAS to Tecnimont in joint Venture with China Huanqiu (HQC).

After having achieved the Mechanical Completion and Ready For Start Up certificate for the Spheripol unit and the P7 common systems, the Tecnimont/HQC team introduced the Catalyst in the Spheripol Loop Reactors, obtaining few hours later the first high quality polymer.

In the next days the plant systems will be tuned and stabilized, ramping up to the target production rate of 56 tons per hours, before starting the performance test runs for the final acceptance of the Spheripol units.

Watch the Catalyst-in video on the RAPID Project page.