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A New HSE Record: Over 140 Million Hours of Safe Work

January 18, 2019 – The new year begins with a new HSE milestone for Tecnimont. A breakthrough record of 140 million worked hours in complete safety in the last 14 months (October 22, 2017 to present) that was celebrated during the second HSE Construction Workshop held at the Milan Headquarters on January 9.

In 2018, Tecnimont celebrated an excellent result in terms of LTI (Lost Time Injury) achieving over 120 million hours without accidents in all its open construction sites.

The workshop was organized by the Tecnimont Construction Department and sponsored by Tecnimont and Maire Tecnimont Group top management. 

During the workshop, department representatives from Tecnimont, KT – Kinetics Technology and NEOSIA, shared best practices, lesson learnt and project experiences that will extend the knowledge and competences of the Maire Tecnimont Group for the continuous improvement of the Group HSE Management System, one of the distinctive values of Maire Tecnimont.