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This site employs a Drupal Open Source Content Management System and has been designed to provide optimal accessibility and usage, in conformity with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG v1.0). If you encounter any issues concerning accessibility or validity that you find do not conform to standards, please contact the website administrator, not the Drupal Team.

Rapid Access Keys

Rapid Access Keys allow you to navigate throughout the website by using your keyboard.

Tasti di accesso rapido disponibili

Questo sito utilizza una configurazione che segue per quanto possibile le raccomandazioni internazionali sui tasti di accesso rapido. Questi sono:

1 — Homepage
2 — Who we are page
3 — What we do page
4 — Media page
5 — Sitemap

Information on Accessibility

We have used our experience and knowledge of Internet access procedures to develop a clear and simple website that may be used by anyone.


We have used XHTML 1.0 and CSS, in conformity with W3C standards, as we believe that usability and accessibility must be based on solid foundations. If you should encounter any part of this website that does not respect these standards, please contact the website administrator, not the Drupal Team.

We have strived to obtain AA-level accessibility as determined by WCAG Version 1.0 standards. However, we are aware of the fact that certain points established by the WCAG are subjective. Although we are certain that they have been fully respected, there may be particular cases in which the interpretation differs.